El Cau del Llop

Tavern – Bread with tomato, toast, sausages, cheese, omelettes, salads, foie gras, anchovies, cod, home-made desserts, wines and spirits

Cau m. 1.Hole which some animals dig in the ground to hide. 2 Shelter of any wild animal shelter. 3 Place where to protect oneself.

Cau del Llop 1 Mythical and magical establishment inGirona that feeds the belly and the spirit, which still retains the virtues of a good bread with tomato and where there is a good atmosphere. A place where food has always been served, even if it’s very late.

This place is visited by a fauna composed mostly of good people who come regularly because of the nice habitat of the establishment.

This definition that one day said some good friends of the establisment, defines the philosophy of El Cau del Llop, a tavern-restaurant where bread with tomato, toast, sausages, Iberian pork, cheese, omelettes , salads, anchovies, foie gras, cod, carpaccio, homemade desserts, wines, cavas and distillates are the driving force to get into a climate of friendship, exchange of sensations, discoveries and everything else about the art of good cooking and good food

Oh! Welcome, come in, come in! Now there is nobody left or maybe only you are missing … You can also come, if you want to, we are waiting for you, there is place for everybody!